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Do you need a roof replacement near me? Then reach out to the best roofing contractors St Paul, MN and Ostego, MN clients can get: Gerzin’s Exterior Remodeling, LLC! We are home improvement specialists that do everything from minor gutter installations to complete roofing replacement projects. So for all your roofing needs, turn straight to us! Call (763) 496-1142 now to get a sample roof replacement cost.

We serve clients from the following areas:

  • Albertville, MN
  • Andover, MN
  • Champlin, MN
  • Dayton, MN
  • Elk River, MN
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • Twin Cities Metro Area, MN
  • Otsego, MN
  • Ramsey, MN
  • Rogers, MN
  • Saint Michael, MN
  • Saint Paul, MN

Roof Replacement Near Me

roof replacement near me saint michael mn

Here are some signs that you might need a roof replacement near me:

  • Old Roofing Age: Are you still using the same roof as you did decades ago? Then it’s definitely time for a roofing replacement! Residents should remember that most roofs have a lifespan of 25 years. So if your roofing is older than that, you might want to call in your roofing contractors.
  • Plant and Moss Growth: Plants and vegetation ruin the roof’s drainage, retain moisture and weaken the roof’s overall structural integrity. Schedule an inspection right away to check if you need a roof replacement near me.
  • Sunlight in Attic: Seeing streaks of sunlight in your attic might look cool, but it’s also a definite sign of roof damage. Call your roofing replacement specialists if you see sunlight entering your attic through roof cracks. They’ll help you decide if it’s already time to get a roof replacement near me.

Have you noticed any of these roofing replacement signs? Then get in touch with the best roofing contractors St Paul, MN and Ostego, MN has to offer: Gerzin’s Exterior Remodeling, LLC. Call (763) 496-1142 now to schedule for a roof replacement near me!

Roofing Contractors St Paul, MN

roofing contractors st paul mn

Finding the right roofing replacement team to work with can be quite challenging. In fact, with all the roofing contractors St Paul, MN and Ostego, MN have, it can take you more than a few days just to skim through all of them. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the time to look through dozens of roofing replacement companies.

For expert roof replacement near me, turn straight to Gerzin’s Exterior Remodeling, LLC! We are experts with years’ worth of industry experience. So whether you need a few repairs or a complete roofing replacement, we can handle it with ease! To learn more about us and what we do, call (763) 496-1142.


Roof Replacement Cost

roof replacement cost berning mill mn

Before getting a roofing replacement, it’s very important to know what the roof replacement cost is. This will help residents set a budget plan. Keep in mind that it’s not practical to do a home renovation project without setting one. In fact, this would just lead to overspending and fund mismanagement.

So how much will a roof replacement cost? Most of the time, a roofing replacement costs somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000. Of course, the actual price depends on the roofing materials used, labor cost, and size of the home. For example, a project on a large house using high-grade materials would have a higher roof replacement cost.

But keep in mind that you shouldn’t blindly go with the cheapest roofing contractors St Paul, MN and Ostego, MN clients have access to. In fact, your goal should be to work with a roofing replacement team that offers the best services in your area. A few extra bucks is a small price to pay for top-notch services.

So, if you want premium roof replacement near me, turn straight to Gerzin’s Exterior Remodeling, LLC! We are the expert roofing contractors St Paul, MN and Ostego, MN residents have trusted for years now! Call (763) 496-1142 now to request a sample roof replacement cost.


  • Nick Andreotti Avatar

    We are so happy with the siding crew that we hired. It's going to look like a new house👍👍

    Nick Andreotti 10/17/2018
    Amanda Gaertner Avatar

    Great customer service they anyways take care of repeat customers. Will use them again

    Amanda Gaertner 6/17/2018
    john crist Avatar

    When you're shopping for a company to replace your roof, you have two major concerns: fair price and quality work.... read more

    john crist 6/17/2018
  • Carrie Johnson Avatar

    Great job. All of the guys were top notch and attentive. It was a pleasure to up grade the siding,... read more

    Carrie Johnson 6/17/2018
    Scott Osterhaus Avatar

    Great service and products!! Would definitely recommend them

    Scott Osterhaus 7/17/2018

    Absolutely beautiful work and project!All employees are friendly and helpful!Great company to do business with!

    ERIN JOHNSON 6/17/2018
  • Laura Cleven Avatar

    Gerzin's was very professional and did our house's siding, roof, two door overhangs, two windows, and gutters. The... read more

    Laura Cleven 4/17/2019
    Brendan McSherry Avatar

    Great work and everything turned out nice.

    Brendan McSherry 6/17/2018
    Trevor Devens Avatar

    Did a wonderful job. Great work and attitudes of workers. Job well done!

    Trevor Devens 6/17/2018
  • Brittney Joaquin Avatar

    Great people!

    Brittney Joaquin 5/10/2019
    Carol Goers Avatar

    Gerzins was able to match the siding to the rest of our house! They were efficient and did a great... read more

    Carol Goers 6/17/2018
    Elissa900 Aj Avatar

    From Harlan HALLQuistTimely good job- great experience

    Elissa900 Aj 6/17/2018
  • Jeff Bhend Avatar

    There is a reason why every review in here so far is 5 Stars. We had our driveway done and... read more

    Jeff Bhend 12/17/2018
    Kyle Quick Avatar

    The crew did a great job on the windows and roof. They kept us well informed on their progress and... read more

    Kyle Quick 6/17/2018
    Robert Olson Avatar

    Excellent work and service on everything!!!!

    Robert Olson 7/17/2018
  • patrick ryan Avatar

    Great company! They did a beautiful maintenance free deck ahead of schedule and with great follow up. Joe is... read more

    patrick ryan 6/17/2018
    Josh S Avatar

    These guys do a fantastic job! The service they offer is top notch. I highly recommend this remodeling company!

    Josh S 6/17/2018
    Matt Debeltz Avatar

    We highly recommend Gerzin's Exterior Remodeling. We had them replace see of our windows and couldn't be happier with... read more

    Matt Debeltz 4/17/2019
  • Keri Erickson Avatar

    The entire process from selection of the best style of window for our space that didn't have windows at all.... read more

    Keri Erickson 7/17/2018
    Margaret Green Avatar

    Really enjoy our exterior door. The blind built into the window is great. Energy efficient. Very pleasant... read more

    Margaret Green 6/17/2018
    Wendell Duenow Avatar

    Best service ever. If you want professional service done at a fair price and done right.Hire Gerzin's.

    Wendell Duenow 6/17/2018
  • Greg Walz Avatar

    I'll try to keep this review brief, but that's a difficult thing to do because of how highly I think... read more

    Greg Walz 12/17/2018
    mark tobler Avatar

    Great service and attention to detail.

    mark tobler 6/17/2018
    Ross Eckert Avatar

    Great work!! Efficient and friendly

    Ross Eckert 6/17/2018
  • Carla Frantz Avatar

    Gerzin's made our house look brand new! Our Maple Grove home was completely transformed with a new roof, gutters,... read more

    Carla Frantz 3/17/2019

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